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Below is a sample of the latest clipart we have added to our website. We try to hit a few highlights. If you seek a specific image, try our search engine above. It searches clipart, animation and graphics sites only (including ours). You might also try our Main Clipart Menu or select our logo at the top which will take you to our homepage.

Mother's Day - Graphics created for Mother's Day 2024.

Aliens - Space alien animations and clipart created for fun.

Father's Day - New clipart and animations added for Father's Day.

Christmas - More than 20 graphics added for the holiday.

Christmas Borders - 12 new borders created for 2023.

Christmas Facebook Covers - Many new borders created and added to the category.

Thanksgiving Clipart - 15 Thanksgiving Day graphics created.

Thanksgiving Borders - A large selection of borders created for giving thanks.

National Cat Day - "New Category" - Over 15 new graphics for the celebration of Cat Day.

Boss's Day - More clipart and animations created for the celebration of the best (or worst) boss.

Halloween - 20 more Halloween graphics plus Facebook covers, Halloween borders and backgrounds for 2023 celebrations.

Veterans Day - More graphics created for Veterans Day 2023 including the United States Space Force.

Veterans Day Facebook Covers - A large selection of covers for all branches of the military.

Watermelon Day - Animations, clipart and image graphics created and added for Watermelon Day.

Sisters Day - Don't forget your sister. New graphics created for the celebration.

Labor Day - Graphics, Covers, and Borders created for the 3 day weekend.

National POW/MIA Recognition Day - Graphics and covers created for the day of remembrance.

4th of July - New 4th of July clipart, animations, borders and facebook covers created for the holiday.

National Ice Cream Day - Our favorite holiday. New graphics created for celebrating the holiday plus National Ice Cream Month.

World Emoji Day - More fun graphics to celebrate the silliest day of the year.

Happy Emoji Day
Emoji Day Graphics

Siblings Day - New Siblings Day graphics for websites and social media sites.

Earth Day - New Earth Day animations for April 23rd.

Arbor Day - New trees and graphics for celebrating Arbor Day.

May Day - New Clipart and animations for celebrating International Workers Day.

Saint Patrick's Day Borders - "New Category" - 20+ new SPD borders created for the March 17th celebration.

St. Patrick's Day Clipart - Animations and clipart added for Saint Patrick's Day.

Easter Clipart  - New Easter bunny and Happy Easter animations plus clipart.

Birthday Borders - Newly created birthday borders for remembering the important day.

Flower Borders - New flower border designs created and added.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - New images and graphics for celebrating MLK Day.

Valentine's Day - New animations, clipart, backgrounds, borders and Facebook covers created for enjoying Valentine's Day.

Presidents Day - Animations and clipart for observing Presidents Day.

Women's Day - Graphics created for celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th.

Happy Women's Day

Boss's Day - More Boss's Day graphics created. Some are funny and some are serious. Be careful about which one you may choose.

Halloween - More Halloween animations, clipart, Facebook covers, borders and backgrounds created and added to the categories.

Veterans Day - New Veterans Day images, animations, clipart and Facebook covers created and added to the pages. Honor Those Who Serve.

Birthday - More animations, clipart and Facebook covers for birthdays created and included.

Christmas Graphics - 13 new Christmas animations plus images.

Halloween - 10 new Halloween graphics created and added to category.

Halloween Facebook Covers - 4 new covers created for the holiday.

New Year Clipart - 9 new animations and clipart images created for 2023.

Labor Day - New animations, clipart, Facebook covers and borders created and added for the last day of summer celebration.

Bulls - "New Category" - Animated gifs of bulls acting like bulls plus clipart images.

Bicycles - "New Category" - Bicycle clipart images plus animated gifs of bikes and people riding bicycles.

Boss's Day - "New Category" - Clipart, animations and Facebook Images for celebrating The Boss. We hope your boss deserves to be celebrated. Boss's Day is October 16th.

Dogs - "New Category" - Dog animations and clipart images. Section includes big dogs, happy dogs, guard dogs, silly dogs and even dogs chasing their own tails.

Motorcycles - "New Category" - Motorcycle and scooter animations plus clipart.

Animals - 14 new animal clipart, images and animations including prairie dogs, hippos, bears, owls, box turtles, elephants and more.

Arrows - New original arrow clipart including chrome and glass designs.

Cars - New auto clipart and photo images.

Fairies - "New Category" - fairy animated gifs plus clipart images.

Ants - More ant clipart images including ants making bridges and ants dancing.


Father's Day Clipart - New Happy Father's Day graphics created and added for 2022.

Flag Day - New American Patriotic Flag Day animations plus clipart for 2022.

Ice Cream Day - New images and clipart for National Ice Cream Day.

Father's Day Facebook Covers - New Father's Day covers for 2022. Happy Father's Day!

Arbor Day - New animations and clipart images for the celebration of Arbor Day.

Earth Day - New graphics created for remembering Earth Day.

International Workers Day - New clipart created for May Day celebrations.

Mother's Day - Many graphics created for remembering Mother's Day. Graphics for websites and social sites such as Facebook.

Easter - 8 New Easter graphics for 2022 with more coming.

Easter Borders - 6 new Easter borders and frames created for the holiday.

Easter Facebook Covers - 4 new Easter Facebook Covers created for 2022.

Ukraine Flags - 7 new Ukrainian buttons and flags including waving on poles.

National Siblings Day - New graphics created and added for Siblings Day.

Earth Day - 4 new Happy Earth Day graphics created.

Veterans Day - 20 new graphics for celebrating Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Facebook Covers - 7 new covers ready for Veterans Day.

Thanksgiving - 18 new Thanksgiving graphics for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Borders - 6 new Thanksgiving border frames for 2021.

Thanksgiving Facebook Covers - 7 new Thanksgiving Facebook covers for celebrating the holiday.

Thanksgiving Background Images - 6 new images for backgrounds or wallpapers.

Happy Thanksgiving - 9 new graphics focused on Happy Thanksgiving.

Halloween - 18 new Halloween graphics created and added for the holiday.

Halloween Facebook Covers - 5 new spooky Facebook covers created for scary fun.

Halloween Borders - 7 new Halloween borders and frames added for All Hallows Eve fun.

Witch Borders - "New Category"  - Just witches and ghosts. New borders and frames of witches and ghosts doing the things witches and ghosts love to do.

Halloween Background Images - 9 new Halloween background images for your October 31st needs.

Happy Halloween - 9 new Halloween graphics focused on Happy Halloween with witches, spiders, Frankenstein and more.

Juneteenth - "New Category"  - Images and animations designed for the celebration of Freedom Day.

Vikings"New Category" - Clipart and animations of Norse Vikings and their horned helmets.

Labor Day - New Labor Day clipart and animations created for 2021.

Labor Day Borders - New borders for Labor Day including patriotic designs.

Labor Day Facebook Covers - New covers for 2021 including office and home worker designs.

Flag Day - many new patriotic American Flag graphics for Flag Day.

Father's Day - new graphics, animations and clipart created for celebrating Father's Day.

Father's Day Borders - new borders and frames for Father's Day.

Father's Day Facebook Covers - new Happy Father's Day covers including cars, hearts and ties.

Bastille Day - new graphics for the celebration of Bastille Day.

International Workers Day - "New Category" - graphics, clipart and animations for celebrating May Day or Labour Day on May 1st.

Women Clipart - 8 new women clipart images focused on women of business.

Mother's Day - new Mother's Day graphics created and added for the up coming celebration.

New Year - It may be hard to believe but we have already begun creating new graphics for the new year 2022.

Welcome Graphics - New welcome clipart and animations including "Welcome Back To School" and "Welcome To Class".

Emoji Day - New fun Happy Emoji Day graphics.

Turtles - New turtle graphics including sea turtles.

National Siblings Day - New Siblings Day graphics plus funny clipart images.

Earth Day - New images, animations and clipart for the celebration of Earth Day.

To be honest, I don't know where to start. Since January 2nd we have added new graphics to over 760 pages. Everything from aliens to trucks. Perhaps we can highlight a few.

Spring Clipart - We have created and added new spring clipart mostly for Facebook pages. At least we should say, "large enough for Facebook pages".

Saint Patrick's Day - 6 new graphics created and included for the upcoming celebration.

International Women's Day - 4 new graphics for the March 8th celebration of women.

World Flags - 92 new flags and flag graphics were added for the countries around the world.

U.S. State Flags - new state flags and animated flags plus the new Mississippi flag adopted on January 11, 2021.

Borders - we created and added new borders in every category from 4th of July to Yellow and White.

Valentine's Day Clipart - New social media size Valentine's Day graphics created and added.

Valentine Borders - New borders and frames for Valentine's Day created and added to category.

Valentine Facebook Covers - New valentine Facebook covers added.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - New MLK Day graphics and images added for the holiday.

Christmas Clipart - 12 new Christmas animations and clip art images.

Christmas Borders - 10 new Christmas borders created and added to category.

Marble Backgrounds - 4 new marble background images.

Santa Claus Borders - "New Category" - borders and frames featuring Santa Claus.

Elf Borders - "New Category" - frames and borders with happy and busy Christmas elves.

Animals - 14 new animal graphics including lions, owls, bears, bees, lizards and more.

New Year Graphics - 9 new graphics created for celebrating New Year 2021 with more to come every week between now and January 1, 2021.

New Year Borders - 5 new borders for the New Year celebration including revelers and confetti with more to come weekly.

Halloween Graphics - 10 new Halloween graphics for spooky celebrating including graphics specifically created for use on Facebook and social sites.

Halloween Borders - 8 new Halloween border frames created for the scary celebration including witches, goblins, werewolves, ghosts and more.

Grandparents Day - New graphics created for Grandparents Day and Grandparents Day Borders.

National Hunting and Fishing Day - "New Category" - 11 new hunting and fishing day animations and images.

Halloween - 9 new Halloween animations and images for scaring your best friends.

Halloween Borders - 4 new scary Halloween border frames including witches and ghosts.

National Son and Daughter Day - "New Category" - Images, clip art and animations for showing your love on Son and Daughters Day. Category includes images for Facebook and other social networking sites.

Christmas Borders - 9 new Christmas borders including Santa, holly, ornaments, candy canes and poinsettias.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day - "New Category" - Animations, images and clipart for celebrating the black cat. Also included are images for Facebook and other social media sites.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

World Emoji Day - "New Category" - clipart, animations and social networking graphics for celebrating World Emoji Day.

Flowers - new flower clipart added to our large flowers section.

Flags World - new images and clipart has been added to 35 countries in our world flags section.

Watermelon Day - "New Category" - We couldn't pass up the chance to create new graphics for the celebration of National Watermelon Day.

7-07-2020 (we have been busy creating)
Labor Day - New graphics created for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

National Ice Cream Day - "New Category" - clipart, animations and Facebook images created for celebrating what is perhaps our favorite holidays, National Ice Cream Day and National Ice Cream Month (July).

Patriot Day - We have added 4 new graphics for the remembrance of 9/11.

Veterans Day - New graphics and images added for remembering our Veterans.

National Sisters Day - "New Category" - Facebook images, animations and clipart for sending a greeting on Sister's Day.

Halloween - 9 new graphics added for celebrating All Hallows Eve.

Constitution Day - "New Category" - Graphics and animations created for observing Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

Flag Day - New Animations and Clipart for celebrating Flag Day.

Father's Day - New clipart and animations for remembering Dad on his day.

Father's Day Borders - Many new Father's Day borders and frames for Dad.

Science and Viruses - "New Category" - New science section including the coronavirus.

Animals - 14 new animal clipart images and animations including tigers, pigs and lions.

Animal Backgrounds - new images including cats and dogs.

Ant Clipart and Animations - 4 new ant graphics including flying ants and workers.

Arbor Day Graphics - new Arbor Day images including Cypress trees.

4th of July Clipart and Animations - 4 new animations added for Independence Day.

4th of July Background Images - 2 new large 4th of July backgrounds added including eagles.

4th of July Borders - 2 new 4th of july border frames with stars and stripes added.

Aircraft Images and Animation - 4 new aircraft images added including the P-38 Lightning in flight.

Aircraft Background Images - new large aircraft backgrounds including the P-51 Mustang in flight.

Alien Clipart and Animations - 13 new aliens added. This time mostly the happy little smiling type visitor from space.

Alligator Graphics - 3 new alligator and crocodile photo clipart images (photographs of alligators or crocodiles with the background removed).

American Patriotic Graphics - 5 new American flag graphics including "Made In America".

Patriot Day - 6 new 9/11 images and clipart images for Patriot Day.

Grandparents Day - 6 new images and animations for Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day Borders - 4 new Grandparents Day borders and frames.

Flower Backgrounds - "New Category" - 15 new flower Background Images.

Turtle Clipart - New animations and turtle clipart images.

4th of July Graphics - 12 new 4th of July animations and clipart images.

4th of July Borders - 14 new 4th of July borders and frames created.

4th of July Facebook Covers - 11 new 4th of July Facebook covers created.

Aircraft Backgrounds - "New Category" - 9 new aircraft background images created.

Labor Day - new Labor Day and Happy Labor Day animations and clipart added.

Labor Day Borders - 4 new Labor Day border frames created including print versions.

4th of July Backgrounds - "New Category" - 13 new 4th of July background images with more on the way.

Fathers Day Backgrounds - "New Category" - 10 new Father's Day background images and more will be added in time for Father's Day.

Mother's Day Graphics - 8 new Mother's Day animations including glitter graphics.

Mother's Day Borders - 7 newly created Mother's Day borders and frames added.

Mother's Day Facebook Covers - 6 new Facebook covers created for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Backgrounds Images - "New Category" - 10 new background images for Mother's Day and more are on the way.

Flag Day - new American Flag related graphics created for Flag Day. There is a large selection.

World Flags Update - We continue to create and add new graphics to the world flags section. It is taking longer than originally thought but we will work until every category has new content.

Antigua and Barbuda Clipart - "New Category" - New Antigua and Barbuda clipart and flag animations.

Memorial Day - New glitter animations and clipart images for Memorial Day.

Father's Day - 10 new Happy Father's Day animations and clipart including glitter.

Father's Day Borders - 4 new Father's Day borders and frames created and added.

Easter Backgrounds - "New Category" - 14 new Easter background images included.

flag button
Antigua and Barbuda Flags

Boats and Ships - 4 new boat animations including tugboats.

Angola Flags - "New Category" - 6 new Angola images created including hearts and buttons.

Easter - 4 more Easter glitter animations plus a bunny smiley. We also created and added more Easter covers and Easter borders.

Flags Animations and Clipart - We have been working on, and continue to work on the flags section. We have created and included new graphics to the American, Canada, French, British, Australia, German, Italy and Mexico categories. More will be added daily for the next 2 weeks.

Butterflies - 4 new butterflies, including glitter animation, have been added.

Easter - 6 new Easter animations and images added.

Easter Covers - 7 new Easter Facebook Covers created and included.

Easter Borders - 8 new Easter borders created and added for 2019.

Andorra Flags - "New Category" - 7 new Andorran animations and clipart including heart and flag buttons.

Mother's Day - New glitter animations added for Mother's Day.

Arrows - New 3D directional arrows.

Autos - 4 new car animations including classics.

Backgrounds - New background images including eagles, deer and polar lights.

Birthday - New birthday images including birthday party and happy birthday to you animations.

4th of July - 4 new Independence Day images and animations.

Alligators - 3 new alligator and crocodile images.

American - 5 new American Patriotic images and animations.

Animals - 14 new animal animations and images including dogs, cats and penguins.

Ant Graphics - 4 new ant animations including alien ants.

Arbor Day - 4 new Arbor Day graphics including abstract tree designs.

patriotic person
American Patriotic Graphics


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