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Free Christmas border clipart. Our borders may be used free for personal and educational print and websites. We have been creating Christmas borders and frames for more than 26 years. There are over 160 borders on this page and 9 more pages after this one.

Don't forget, the images on this page are thumbnails. Select the thumbnails to access the actual borders so you may save or print them.

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Christmas Party Champagne
Christmas party border chilled champagne.
Christmas Party
Christmas party lights, wine and glasses.
Christmas light string left side
String of Christmas lights left side and bottom.
Christmas light border
Christmas light frame.
Santa sleigh
Santa in his sleigh with Merry Christmas.
Santa sleigh reindeer
Santa in sleigh with presents and reindeer.
Merry Christmas Frosty
Merry Christmas with Frosty border.
snowman frame
Frosty The Snowman frame.
Merry Christmas wreaths
Merry Christmas border with wreaths.
Christmas Wreaths
Christmas wreath border frame.
Merry Christmas with Santa and bells
Merry Christmas with Santa and Christmas bells.
Merry Christmas with happy holly
Merry Christmas with happy Christmas holly.

For many years we have endeavored to create a wide variety of Christmas borders and Christmas frames. On this page and those that follow you will find holly frames, flowers, ornaments, elves, Christmas lights, vintage and classic designs, Santa, snowmen, trees, abstract designs, poinsettias, candy canes plus Christian frames.

man mistletoe
Man with a plan for mistletoe.
under mistletoe
People under the mistletoe.
Christmas Party
Christmas party and a little mistletoe.
Christmas party border
Christmas party where you see special friends.
Santa in sleigh
Garland frame Santa and sleigh.
Rudolph Santa border
Rudolph and Santa delivering gifts.
Santa gift
Santa Claus handing a Christmas gift.
Santa present
Santa holding a Christmas present.
Frosty Christmas tree
Frosty with Christmas Tree plus Merry Christmas.
Christmas trees
Christmas trees with presents plus Merry Christmas.
green ornament Christmas border
Green ornaments.
christmas holly border
Christmas holly frame.
Christmas border 4 sides
Holly with berries.
Christmas flowers on the top and the bottom
Christmas flowers and ribbons.
Merry Christmas flourish border
Flourish Christmas border with Merry Christmas.
Christmas Party with a woman and drink
Christmas Party and woman with drink in hand.
Santa, Holly, Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas with Santa plus holly frame.
Merry Christmas, Tree, Hollly
Holly border with Merry Christmas plus tree.
Christmas lights frame
Frame from Christmas lights dark background.
colorful Christmas lights
Frame from bright Christmas lights.
The borders on our pages include an even wider variety mainly because they are more fun to create. This Christmas border section includes Christmas bells, ornaments, Santa Claus, lights, Christmas trees, garlands, ribbons, mistletoe, reindeer, stars, poinsettias, stockings, candy canes and plenty of snowflakes. We also created Christmas party borders with men, women and children plus funny Christmas borders.

snowman frame
Well dressed snowman frame.
border snowman
Snowman border with Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas elf
Lady elf with candy cane plus Merry Christmas.
elf Merry Christmas holly
Lady elf and holly plus Merry Christmas.
Christmas stars
Merry Christmas with red and green stars.
Merry Christmas stars
Christmas stars border frame.
Mrs Claus
Mrs. Claus dressed for Christmas.
Mrs Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus with Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas berries
Merry Christmas border with berries and ornaments plus center area for your comments.
Merry Christmas sleigh
Merry Christmas border with a sleigh and tree plus white area for your comments.
checking his list
Santa checking the list for your name.
you are on his list
Santa finds your name on the list.
Merry Christmas holly
Merry Christmas with holly and berries.
holly ribbon
Merry Christmas with holly and ribbon.
lights Santa
Christmas light string frame plus Santa.
Christmas lights Samnta Claus
Christmas light border with Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas stars
Merry Christmas with green stars and frame.
Christmas Wreath
Merry Christmas decorated wreath border.
Christmas border left side and bottom
Holly left side and bottom.
Christmas light border
Christmas lights on four sides.
candy cane holly border
Holly and candy cane design border frame.
holly ribbon border
Holly and red ribbons border frame.
Christmas garland frame
Christmas garland border with Merry Christmas.
garland border
Merry Christmas garland frame.

AI Santa
Santa Claus robot with Merry Christmas.
presents kris kringle
Merry Christmas, presents and AI robot Santa.
border tree
Christmas tree with presents plus frame.
border frame tree
Decorated Christmas tree border.
Ebenezer night cap
Ebenezer Scrooge in night cap with candle.
Scrooge border
Ebenezer Scrooge with bag of money.
Santa jumping joy
Santa jumping for joy border frame.
girl elf border
A happy young elf carrying a present.
Christmas snowman
Christmas tree, snowman and Merry Christmas.
Christmas border with candy cane
Candy cane, ornaments, tree and ribbon.
Christmas border with holly and red ribbons
Red and green with red bow and holly.
red ribbon frame with holly
Red frame with ribbon and holly.
green ornaments
Merry Christmas with green ornaments.
kitten Santa border
Kitten Santa with Merry Christmas.
candy canes snowflakes
Border with candy canes and snowflakes.
Christmas design with bells
Abstract Christmas border design with bells.
Merry Christmas border with ornaments
Merry Christmas with ornaments.
Santa on snowmobile border
Merry Christmas - Santa Snowmobile
Christmas design top and bottom
Christmas Holly
Christmas flowers and holly
Flowers, Holly and Ribbons top and bottom.

pink poinsettias
Pink poinsettias with Merry Christmas.
red poinsettias
Merry Christmas with red poinsettia frame.
Frosty snow
Frosty with broom and snowflakes.
Frosty border
Snowman waving with snowflakes.
Santa frame
Santa having fun on a scooter frame.
border Santa Claus
Merry Christmas border with Santa.
red and green stars
Merry Christmas with red and green stars.
stars border Christmas
Christmas stars with Merry Christmas.
Christmas border ribbons
Merry Christmas border ribbons.
Merry Christmas star border
Merry Christmas abstract tree and star.
Merry Christmas Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year plus ornaments.
Merry Christmas holly frame
Merry Christmas with a holly frame.
letters to Santa
Children mailing letters to Santa border.
Santa Angels
Santa Claus with two little Angels border.
red Christmas stockings
Red Christmas stockings with Merry Christmas.
full Christmas stockings border
Christmas stockings filled with toys and treats.
red Christmas frame
Red Christmas frame with white field.
snowman and lights
Decorated window scene with snowman.
Merry Christmas golden bells
Merry Christmas border with bells and candy cane.
Merry Christmas with bells
Merry Christmas with bells and flowing design.

Merry Christmas with holly and candy canes
Merry Christmas with holly, candy canes and berries.
Santa Claus and Frosty The Snowman
Merry Christmas - Santa and Frosty The Snowman.
toy soldiers border
Toy Soldiers border frame.
Christmas trees border
Christmas trees and presents border frame.
Merry Christmas Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year poinsettias.
poinsettias border
Poinsettias with Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas decorations
Golden Merry Christmas with decorations.
Christmas gifts border
Merry Christmas with wrapped presents.
Christmas party children
Border for children's Christmas party with area for comments.
Christmas tree fireplace
Christmas tree with fireplace, stockings, presents and garlands.
girl and present
Excited young woman, Merry Christmas and small Christmas present.
Merry Christmas cookies frame
Merry Christmas with a frame made from a variety of Christmas cookies.
Merry Christmas presents
Merry Christmas, presents and a beautiful young woman plus area for comments.
Christmas garland frame
Christmas garland frame with ribbons and colorful ornaments plus snowflakes.

wise men on camels
Three Wise Men on camels searching for the Child born in Bethlehem - border frame.
wise men gifts
Three Wise Men bearing gifts for the Child born in Bethlehem - border frame.
Merry Christmas snowflakes and ornaments
Merry Christmas with snowflakes and ornaments.
Christmas flower and fruit arrangement border
Christmas arrangement with Merry Christmas.
Christmas border with holly design on top and bottom
Top and bottom holly.
Christmas roll up frame
Merry Christmas roll up frame with stand.
Merry Christmas holly and snowflakes
Merry Christmas with holly and snowflakes.
Merry Christmas in blue and white
Merry Christmas in blue and white with snowflakes.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas with holly, ribbon and tag.
Santa and children
Santa Claus with happy children.
snowman border
Christmas tree and snowman border.
Christmas border with Santa Claus
Santa Claus four corners and snowflakes.
Christmas design
Red Christmas design with snowflakes and stars.
elves border
Funny elves border frame.

Rudolph frame
Rudolph with Christmas star frame.
Rudolph Merry Christmas
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Christmas Carolers
Christmas Carolers singing loud.
children Christmas Carolers
Children singing Christmas Carols.
Christmas bells
Christmas candles and bells frame.
Christmas border
Candles border with Merry Christmas.
Three Wise Men
Merry Christmas, stars and wise men.
wise men camels
Merry Christmas wise men on camels.
Christmas Tree Border
Christmas Tree with Merry Christmas.
vintage Christmas border
Vintage Design with Merry Christmas.
Christmas party children
Christmas Party with children.
Christmas Party children Santa
Christmas Party with Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Christmas light string
String of Christmas lights border frame.
Merry Christmas with candy canes
Merry Christmas with ornaments and candy canes.
stocking and garland
Christmas stocking and garland border.
Merry Christmas ornaments
Merry Christmas blue and purple ornaments.
Merry Christmas pink holiday design
Merry Christmas with pink winter design.
Merry Christmas snowman
Merry Christmas with winter and snowman design.
Santa, sleigh, reindeer
Merry Christmas with Santa, sleigh and reindeer.
Christmas Bells
Merry Christmas with bells.

Frosty Snowman
Frosty The Snowman in top hat with Christmas present - border frame.
snowmen border
Two snowmen with lots of Christmas poinsettias - border frame.
Merry Christmas wreath
Merry Christmas with wreath and garland border.
fun elves border
Elves having fun with presents and lists.
frame reindeer
Christmas reindeer with green frame.
reindeer holly
Santa's reindeer with holly frame.
Christmas flowers and holly with berries
Christmas flowers.
holly with ribbons and berries
Holly and berries.
Merry Christmas decorations
Merry Christmas, decorations, green text/image area.
Christmas frame
Full frame for Christmas.
Christmas border with candles, drums, bells
Frames with bells, candles, drums and more.
Santa, reindeer, sleigh, snowmen
Santa and his sleigh plus happy snowmen.
Santa frame
Santa border with holly.
Rudolph Border
Merry Christmas with Rudolph?

Christmas dog
Christmas dog border frame.
Santa dog
Christmas border with Santa dog.
Christmas border with holly on 4 sides and a Christmas ornament
Holly with red ornament.
Christmas tree border
Light frame right side with Christmas tree.
Christmas bells red ribbon
Christmas bell border with red ribbon.
golden Christmas bells
Golden Christmas bell frame with holly.
nativity scene
Nativity scene with Christmas border.
Nativity stars
Children Nativity with a star border.
Santa resting
Santa Claus resting after a hard day of work.
Santa Merry Christmas
Santa with big smile plus Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas with bells and stars
Merry Christmas border with bells and stars.
Merry Christmas with ornaments and stars
Merry Christmas with ornaments and stars.
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge with a grumpy face, candle plus Bah Humbug and Merry Christmas.
Sour Ebenezer Scrooge counting all of his gold with Bah Humbug.
woman praying
Merry Christmas with a woman praying.
reading Bible
Merry Christmas with a woman reading The Bible.
Christmas garland frame
Christmas garland frame in red and green.
garland frame border
Christmas garland border frame.
Santa Face Border
Santa Claus jolly face border frame.
Merry Christmas bear
Merry Christmas bear with holly and garland frame.
If you have scrolled this far perhaps you are looking for Christmas borders of a particular type. Below are Christmas border categories of specific subjects. For example, every Christmas border in the Santa Claus category includes one or more Santa in each border design. The same goes for the other categories such as holly, elves, Christmas trees, candy canes, poinsettias, stockings, Christian and ornaments.

More Christmas Borders and Frames Categories
Candy Canes Christian Borders Elves
Holly and Berries Christmas Ornaments Poinsettias
Santa Claus Christmas Stockings Christmas Trees

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You may use our Christmas borders free on your personal print or website pages.

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