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On this page are free Labor Day gifs & clipart.
If you have trouble locating the images you seek, visit our Main Clipart Menu.
Get out there and celebrate the end of summer, we can worry about the winter later.

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Labor Day Images

Labor Day was made a federal holiday on June 28, 1894 and is also celebrated as the end of summer by many Americans.

The holiday has been observed on the first Monday in September for over 100 years.

If you want to print our Labor Day Clipart, simply click on the image(s) of choice for a printable view.

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people enjoying labor day
Happy Labor Day!
celebrate labor day
Celebrate Labor Day, America's Pride.
Labor Day with hammer and frame
Labor Day For Hard Working People
riding a jet ski
Riding jet ski on Labor Day.
Happy Labor Day
Happy Labor Day on American Flag clipart.
enjoy your labor day with American flag
Enjoy Your Labor Day with the stars and stripes.

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Labor Day - This is your day
Man With A Cool Drink on Labor Day

A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work
One of us Has Gone Fishing
Labor Day in American flag
Labor Day American Flag
Labor Day flag animated
Animated Labor Day Flag.
hard working man ready for labor day
To work this hard and still have a smile, must be a good man. Happy Labor Day!
have a happy Labor Day
Have a Happy Labor Day!
Labor Day with stars and flag animated
Labor Day animation.
get er dun before labor day
It's time, get er dun plumber for Labor Day.
labor day for truckers
Labor Day for hard workers. Thank you!
Happy Labor Day with red glow
Happy Labor Day sign in red and green.
take labor day off
It's Labor Day take the day off.

labor day sign in bright colors
Labor Day Sign many colors.

cooking out on Labor Day
Lunch is served.
Labor Day outdoor chef
Outdoor chef on Labor Day.
steelworker animated
Happy Labor Day to the steelworkers.
cooking hot dogs
Cooking hot dogs on Labor Day.
a fool and his labor day
Happy Labor Day Fool.
you deserve labor day off
Happy Labor Day to our builders.

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"Free Gifs and Animations" Thank You.

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