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Christmas clipart focusing on the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our present day gift giving. After all, it was the three wise men that traveled such a long and hard road to present our savior with the first Christmas gifts.

You may use our clipart to enhance your website for the holidays. Merry Christmas...

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Nativity Scene - on this day our savior was born
Nativity Scene with Wise Men.
Nativity Scene
Nativity Scene with Jesus, Joseph and Mary.
Nativity Scene - Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Was Born
Nativity Scene with Jesus.
christmas stocking full of gifts
Christmas Stocking - GIF
hobby horse
Rocking Horse - GIF
Rocking Horse - JPEG
man receiving christmas gift
Man With Gift - JPEG

Man With Gift - GIF
wrapped christmas presents
Christmas Presents & Bows - GIF
angel singing noel
Angel Singing - JPEG
elf traveling
Elf Traveling Far - GIF
Santa riding snowmobile
Santa on his Snowmobile - GIF
Christmas Present - GIF
surprise christmas gift
Christmas Dog - JPEG
christmas dog
Christmas Dog - GIF
christmas cat
Kitten in Stocking - GIF
Christmas Kitten in stocking
Kitten in Stocking - JPEG
candy canes in basket with bow
Candy Canes in basket - GIF

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