Free Animated Alligator Gifs - Alligator Clipart

This alligator category has many variations of animated alligator gifs and alligator clip art images. We have alligators chomping, alligators cooking, gators walking and gators dancing. Pages also include alligators running, gators relaxing, sunning, alligators waving and we even have a few crocodiles. Section includes large photo alligator images plus black and white alligator clip art ready for print and color.

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Alligator Clipart

alligator says hi

Click on the large alligator clipart images for print view.

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animated alligator with a big mouth
Chomping alligator.
alligator cooking up a meal
Chef alligator at work.
large hungry alligator
Hungry alligator - photo clipart image.
cool alligator
Animated alligator with cool shades.
slow walking alligator animated
Who said four legs are better than two?
happy black and white alligator
Happy alligator ready to save or print and add color.
an early alligator
An alligator from days gone by.
alligator dancing
Doing the 2 step.
out in the country alligator animated
Country alligator dancing.
alligator ready to travel
Alligator ready for a trip.
chomping alligator
Little animated alligator.
hungey black and white alligator
Ferocious alligator ready to print or save.
alligator with mouth wide open
Alligator with big teeth and mouth open.
(actually a saltwater crocodile)
alligator photo clipart
Alligator with mouth open.

prehistoric alligator
Gator from the past.
alligator with a smile
Alligator sunning on the bank.
America and China are the only countries where alligators are native.

In the United States alligators can be found in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas and Southern Oklahoma. There are millions of gators in the wild. Over 2 million in Florida and Louisiana alone.

The Yangtze River Valley is the only known location of the endangered Chinese alligator. It is estimated there are only about 120 left in the wild (4-26-2011, National Geographic News Watch).

Update March 9, 2014: Chinese alligators are being bred in captivity in China at the Anhui Research Center for Chinese Alligator Reproduction and the Changxing Nature Reserve and Breeding Center for Chinese Alligators. Captive breeding is also carried out at other institutions including the Bronx Zoo in New York and the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in Florida. According to a 2013 report by the Changxing Nature Reserve (CNRBRCCA) there are now over 10,000 Chinese alligators in captivity. Some have been released back into the wild in China.

American and Chinese alligators
This is a 1905 photograph by C. J. Cornish (public domain image) of an American and Chinese alligator together. The one on top is the American.
photograph of alligator in pond.
Gator on surface of pond courtesy
American alligator
American alligator in a pond image - public domain photograph.
alligator with new clothes
Alligator showing off his new threads.
fat and sassy alligator
Fat and sassy gator.
nile alligator
Swimming in the nile with an alligator (crocodile).
animated ferocious alligator
Animated alligator.
animated happy alligator
Alligator animation.
alligator dancing to the music
Alligator dancing to the music.
alligator being lazy animated
Laid back and relaxed gator.
animated alligator running
Alligator getting the heck out of there.
tough alligator
Gator dog?
waving alligator animated
Gator waving goodbye.

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