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Free Hand Tools Clipart

On this page are tool clipart images. Tools were created for light and dark background web pages.

For more graphics categories, visit our Main Clipart Menu.  

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channel locks with transparent background
Channel Locks
vise for web pages with medium to dark backgrounds
Vise transparent background.
table vise for light pages
Table Vise
vice grips
Large vice grip.
pipe cutter for pages with lighter backgrounds
Pipe Cutter
circular saw red
Red Circular Saw
steel mallet
Wood and Steel Mallet
Ratchet Wrench
Large Ratchet Wrench.
Screwdriver Black Grip
Hammer with Rubber Grip
needle nose pliers for light colored backgrounds
Needle Nose Pliers
pick axe for dark background pages
Pick Axe transparent background.
pick ax for light colored pages
Pick Ax
pipe cutter for darker pages
Pipe Cutter transparent.

pliers for darker pages
Needle Nose Pliers
hand drill for darker pages
Hand Drill
drill for lighter pages
Hand Drill
coping saw for lighter pages
Coping Saw for light colored pages
caulking gun for lighter pages
Caulk Gun - transparent background with light matte
chainsaw for darker pages
Chainsaw transparent background
chainsaw for light pages
Chain Saw - transparent with a white matte
coping saw for darker pages
Coping Saw transparent background
caulk gun for darker pages
Caulking Gun transparent background for any pages
anvil for darker pages
Black Anvil
anvil for light pages
rip saw clipart image
rip saw clip art
razor knife graphic
razor knife gif
clamp gif
c clamp clip art
square clipart
square clip art
ax clip art
needle nose
Needle Nose black handles
black shovel
Shovel black grip.
wire cutters with black grips
Wire cutters.
pliers with black grips
Pliers black grips.
hammer clipart 130 x 131
hammer clip art
shovel graphic - 100 x 161
shovel gif
hacksaw clipart
hacksaw clip art
wrench clip art 130 x 119
wrench gif

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If you use our hand tool clipart please give us credit.
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Hack saws, razor knife c-clamp square axe rip, hand tool clip art, shovel garden construction wrench hammers.