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Birthday clipart and birthday animations. This category is always growing and includes balloons, confetti, clowns, birthday cakes, flowers, babies, children, older people, bears, smilies and more. We add to this free birthday clipart section every week.

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You may use our birthday clipart to enhance your website. Feel free to save any clipart you find helpful.
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happy birthdat - give me a hug
A great big birthday hug from a friend.

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happy 40th birthday clip art
lordy lordy he's 40

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happy 50th birthday with balloons
Life begins at 50.

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lordy lordy she's 40 with birthday balloons
lordy lordy she's 40 with balloons

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happy birthday in red, yellow and blue
Waving Happy Birthday in many colors.
girl hearts confetti animated
Birthday girl animated.
birthday clown
Birthday clown juggling.
eating your birthday cake
You don't need any choppers to eat birthday cake. Enjoy!
Happy Birthday animation
balloons of many colors
birthday balloons
welcome and happy birthday
Happy Birthday Welcome.
cake with candle
happy birthday cake
Happy Birthday girl
Happy Birthday To You!
birthday cake, confetti and balloons
happy birthday with confetti
animated cake with Happy Birthday
Birthday cake animation.
happy birthday animation with confetti
happy birthday with confetti and balloons
Happy Birthday with flashing lights
Happy Birthday with bright colors and flashing lights.
happy birthday animated with balloon
happy birthday with balloon animated
happy birthday with animated red rose
Happy Birthday with hearts and a rose.
Happy Birthday hula dancer animation
Hula dance for your birthday.
Happy Birthday image
Happy Birthday in bright colors.
young boy enjoying his birthday
Happy Birthday to Me!
birthday balloon animation
Happy Birthday with red and blue balloons animated.
balloons for birthday
Birthday Balloons with Happy Birthday.
dancing birthday dog
Happy Birthday To You!
girl blowing out the candles
Happy little girl blowing out the candles.
birthday fireworks
Fireworks for a happy birthday.
blowing out the candles on the cake
Do you need the fire department handy when blowing out the candles on your birthday cake?
Happy Birthday smiley with balloons animation
Happy Birthday smiley.
animated bag of birthday presents
Happy B'day Presents.
animated birthday cake with many burning candles
Animated birthday cake loaded with candles.
happy birthday animated with cake and stars
Flashing birthday cake.
animated balloons with happy birthday
Birthday balloons animation.
bear on his birthday
A very happy bear with cake on his birthday.
Happy Birthday with smiley face and balloon animated
Happy Birthday animation.
happy birthday with candles
Happy Birthday candles, flowers.

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Happy cupcake, lordy lordy he's 40, she's, 50th birthday, cake balloon balloons party confetti candle birth day.