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This category includes free background images for websites, phones, tablets and desktop monitors.

We have abstract designs, animal backgrounds, flower images, dark backgrounds for light text and light backgrounds for dark text. These pages have African art seamless designs, textures of many different colors as well as large and smaller black background images.

The site also includes Christmas backgrounds, Halloween and even Saint Patrick's Day background images. Other background subject matter includes plants, cars, barns, airplanes, butterflies, ships, space aliens, computers, skeletons and more. There are also pages of animated backgrounds.

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To save background images, click on the image on this page then save from new page that opens. If you save from this page, in most cases you will end up with a much smaller, less detailed image. View the full size background first.

Free backgrounds can be viewed full screen or full size by clicking below the thumbnails. Seamless backgrounds were created for use on websites but can be used for wallpapers, tiled.

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Hearts Everywhere - 1280 x 800
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose - 1280 x 800
circuit background
Red Circuit - 1280 x 800
flowers on blue
Flowers on Blue - 1280 x 800
fire background
Raging Fire - 1280 x 800

purple daze background
Purple Daze

1920x1080      1280x800       640x480

abstract circles
Abstract Circular Background - 1280 x 800
sea green and blue
Blue and Green Abstract Flow Background - 1280 - 800
flowing design
High Flow with Circles and Vibrant Colors - 1280 x 800
Diamonds on Blue - 1280 x 800
flowing red background
Flowing red abstract background - 1280 x 800
(background opens in new window)

hexagons in bright colors
Hexagon background in vibrant colors.

1280x800 - 640x480

green treasure
A Peek at Treasure

1280x800 - 640x480

star dust background
Star Dust

1920x1080      1280x800       640x480

SR-71 Blackbird Afterburn - 1280 x 800
yellow flowers
Yellow Flowers on Green - 1280 x 800

B-2 Aircraft background
B-2 Stealth Above The Clouds

1920x1080 - 1280x800 - 640x480

maelstrom background
Enter The Maelstrom

1920x1080     1280x800

wilderness trail
Don't Get Lost In The Wilderness - 640 x 480
bamboo background
Light Bamboo Design - 1280 x 800

green world background image
It's a green world after all.

1280x800 - 640x480

yellow flowers on multi colors
Yellow flowers on a multi colored background.

1280x800 - 640x480

hot air balloons of morning sky
Hot Air Balloons on a Clear Morning

1920x1080 - 1280x800 - 640x480
(opens in new window)

dream world background
Dream World

1280x768 - 640x480

F-22 Raptors on blue sky
F-22 Raptors Above The Clouds

1920x1080 - 1280x800 - 640x480
(backgrounds open in new windows)

flower and bee background
Flower with Bee on Blue

Sizes - 1920x1080 - 1280x768 - 640x480
the sun
X-rays Flowing From The Sun Background Image

1280 x 800 - 640 x 480

flowing violet
Flowing Violet

1920x1080    1280x800    640x480

palm fan green background
Palm Fan

1920x1080       1280x800

when worlds collide background
Worlds Collide

1920x1080      1280x800       640x480

tiger background
Face of a Tiger

640 x 480

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