Yellow and White Background

Or is it pea green? This background image is seamless and may be used on monitors, screens or websites. It has been compressed for bandwidth and sized for page speed. Its over all color is light so it will accept dark text on top if needed.

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background textured
Yellowish - Greenish Background

To save this yellow and white seamless texture background image simply select the image above and choose "save image as" or "save".

This yellow background design is only 3kb in size. If you have concerns about bandwidth and page speed but don't want a plain white or yellow background a small tiled background image might be an idea.

If you are wondering about all the wide open space on this page, it's so you can get a good look at the tiled yellow texture no matter what size device you are using. You may notice that near the top of the page we placed text directly on top of the texture image so you can see that this background accepts dark text very well if the need arises. Of course, a bolder font might be best.

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Yellow and white background texture that may be used as wallpaper or website image.